Day 2: in which our hero forgets his comb

I awoke early and slipped out of the silent hotel eager to explore the island before breakfast, which you were remembered doesn’t start until 9. Some people are greeted by seals when they come to Scotland. I got this:  Dealing with the cards that life gives us I poked it for a bit then carried on. The sea was like a millpool and put the Mediterranean to shame in the pale grey light Before the Continue reading Day 2: in which our hero forgets his comb

Rajoy tells Scotland to feck off

Rajoy said this morning that he, and any future Spanish government, would ensure that Scotland would never enter the EU. He’s got nothing against Scotland per se, I assume, but he’s sending a clear message to Catalan nationalists that they mustn’t, God forbid, actually assume Spain is a democracy or anything similar. “Independence of these small regions” he pontified in Congress, “brings only poverty, and these breakaway regions threaten to torpedo the European project”. He Continue reading Rajoy tells Scotland to feck off

A treat for the Hebrides

I’ve decided to give the inhabitants of the western isles a treat. All the way from Southern Spain – a sassenech who isn’t too smelly from not having enough clothes. Yes, the prognostics have proven correct, and the rucksack, upon investigation, proved incapable of holding more than two pairs of trousers, two t-shirts, three pairs of pants and 10 pairs of socks. I shudder to think of the condition of those clothes by day six Continue reading A treat for the Hebrides

Preparing for the otters of the outer islands…

I’m still concerned about the lack of Otter repellent in El Corte Ingles. When I asked the nice girl in the hunting and fishing department, she just looked blank and offered me some mosquito repellent. No, I explained, I want nutria repellent. She hunted through the database, and eventually came up with some shark repellent. Not quite the same, as this has to disperse in water. By now, I was afflicted with the acute embarrassment Continue reading Preparing for the otters of the outer islands…