Private parts sales banned

Spain has banned the trade in motor spares between individuals. Anyone caught selling on a bit of old motor now faces a fine or even jail, according to antena3. You can now only buy second hand parts for motor vehicles from authorised treatment centers called CATs. The new law tries to implement EU decrees on the recycling of engines and the maximisation of vehicle life. What it actually does is penalises the second hand repair Continue reading

Spain ‘needs to start building again’

The annual TINSA report on the state of the Spanish housing market has warned that major cities are seeing an upswing in new build sales, and that unless construction increases 2018 could see the market stall for lack of new homes. But Almeria continues to be the province with the greatest number of unsold homes. Of all homes built in the last seven years, 39 per cent or 13,389 new builds remain unsold. TINSA warns Continue reading

Spanish uneasy over the first unregulated sales season

For the first time, the sales season in Spain is unregulated, and Spaniards are uneasily eyeing the prospect of, gasp! shops starting their sales when they want to. You see, since time immemorial, sales in Spanish shops have been limited to a strict timespan established annually by the government. But this year… shops can set their own sales, in accordance to consumer whims. Local newspaper tells us of the unease of consumers in Granada, Continue reading