Salaries of mayors to be regulated and published for the first time

A new law is to be issued which controls strict new financial regulations on townhalls. As part of the measure, for the first time the salaries of Mayors and the corportations are to be regulated, and full financial information on salaries and payments in kind will be published online. Smaller townhalls will loose powers which will be centralised to the country councils, and power will be centralised.

Judges salaries dropped by 40%

How much does a Judge earn? A recent study has shown that the average Judge has seen his (or her) salary drop by 40% in real terms over the last 20 years ago. This stat is being rolled out to justify why sus señorios shouldn’t be affected by ZP’s 5% pay cut. Some Judges say that they are in an “uncomfortable” financial situation. These figures aren’t mentioned anywhere in the actual study, which is careful Continue reading Judges salaries dropped by 40%