RTVE teaching history – or why the Spanish don’t know much about it

My attention was drawn to TVE Clan the other day when I heard my son singing this rather catchy little number. Good song, but really, the historical inaccuracies made me twitch. And I’m not even going to get going on the symbolism of celebrating how Columbus is shown leaping onto the American continent with a big banner saying “mine”…. and then returning to general applause with lots of gold and a rather manky Mr Potato Continue reading

Bullfighting “not a problem” for kids TV says RTVE

The Spanish state broadcaster has said it doesn’t see any problems with broadcasting live bullfights on national TV during daylight hours, and that its fine with small children watching them. “The showing of Bullfighting does not affect children” said RTVE. “It is a cultural spectacle which should be treated normally within our programming guidelines” continued the broadcaster when a Parliamentary select committee asked it if was appropriate to show the violent injury and death of Continue reading

Fury as political bosses attempt to take over RTVE’s news department

Much backtracking this evening from the political controllers of RTVE -Spain’s national broadcaster- after it was discovered they had voted to give themselves executive access over the news software used by the corporation to generate its newsfeeds. In essence, this meant that the politicians would have had editorial control over all of RTVE’s news, allowing them to censure what they pleased and promote what they felt important. RTVE has a strange committee of non-executive directors Continue reading

RTVE fires its sports director over football national hymn row

Today’s row is over the high pitched whistling emitted by Basque and Catalans which drowned out the national hymn played before yesterday’s football match between Athletic and Barça. Fans screamed nationalist abuse, let off air horns and generally drowned out the national anthem and the King (who also attended). However, the sports director of RTVE, the national broadcaster, ordered that the live transmission of the match be cut off due to the protest and switched Continue reading

RTVE online, on demand

RTVE, the Spanish state TV & radio broadcaster, has launched a beta version of its new “on demand” service. Currently, it´s limited to watching in house programs online for a week after they´ve been broadcasted, but they promise to extend it over the coming weeks. http://www.rtve.es/alacarta/index.html