Los Gallardos – Bédar – Lubrín road to be upgraded

The provincial council is to spend €120,000 improving the AL-6109 which connects the villages of Los Gallardos, Bédar and Lubrín. Almost two kilometres of road surface is to be replaced, with other sections of the road being improved. Additional safety features will be installed on dangerous stretches of the road, road markings repainted, reflective surfaces installed on corners and safety signs replaced. The money has become available due to budget under-runs on the 31 road Continue reading

Wild boar out in force

Wild boar are out in force again for the mating season and drivers run the risk of hitting one of these stout little beasts during these dark nights. Such a collision is usually fatal to the animal, and often to the vehicle as well. Insurers warn that many older policies subscribed to under the old law may not include collisions with wild animals, and that drivers should double check their policies. Remember that an on-the-spot Continue reading

Turre avenue approved by the Mayor

Mayor Morales has today signed his contentious avenue plan into law via executive order of the Mayor. You’ll remember that 100% of his councillors were against the avenue plan that he drew up. Designed by an unqualified friend of his and presented in the dying months of his administration, he has been accused of forgetting about the avenue until now and presenting the fastest plan he could design in order to secure his legacy. The Continue reading

Vera – Cartagena toll road goes bankrupt and will be nationalised

The company behind the Vera – Cartagena toll road will be wound up and the road be nationalised, the state government has announced today. OK, the company itself went bankrupt a few years ago, but today any hope of rescue has been abandoned and the company will be closed down. In all, eight bankrupt toll roads across the country will be nationalised. In all, these roads owe the banks more than €3.4 billion. The state Continue reading

Junta approves “dry port” in Níjar, 3,400 jobs to be created

The Junta has approved the creation of a dry port in Níjar, which could create up to 3,400 jobs. We haven’t heard anything about this for ages and suddenly it pops up again. Question is: Where are the trains that will supply the port??? 174 hectares of land next to the motorway in Níjar has been set aside for this massive project. The idea is to create a logistical centre which will receive products from Continue reading

Garrucha roundabout to be built

Finally! The dangerous La Simona crossroads leading into Garrucha port from the by-pass is to become a roundabout. The idea was first mooted eight years ago but no agreement has ever been reached. Mainly because the powerful quarries and lorry guild scupper any attempt to improve road safety, as it would cost them more in fuel as they drive up and down that road exporting the province. Now the city council has agreed to proceed Continue reading

Turre’s famous bridge at risk of collapse

The puente Vaquero, the stunning arched bridge over the river, is at risk of collapse because its soft sandstone bases are being undermined, according to an engineer at the road department. Turre council have been warned that whilst an informal report has been submitted to the county council, who own and are in charge of the bridge, not much is being planned at the moment. It should be fine unless we get another big flood, Continue reading

News in brief

ROAD CLOSURES A number of roads will be closed and diversions in place around Villaricos this 7th, 8th and 9th of August whilst a large music festival takes place there. Dreambeach 2015 will cause the closure of the following roads. The diversions will be in place from 3pm Friday until 9am Saturday, and again from 3pm that Saturday until 9am on Sunday. The AL7107 Garrucha bound road will have a diversion setup at the Los Continue reading

7 kph grace on speed traps under 100kph; 7% margin above

As from next month, all speed traps will be set to have a tolerance of 7kph if the speed is under 100kph; if over, it will be 7%. Example: If you’re in an 80kph zone, the speed trap will fire at 88kph and you get fined. Likewise, in a 50kph zone, it will fire at 58kph. If you’re on the motorway in a 100kph zone, you can do 107kph (100 + 7%). In a 120 Continue reading