5000 people protest in Burgos on fourth night of violence against new avenue

5,000 people were on the streets of Burgos last night demonstrating against the remodelling of a main avenue that residents think is unnecessary, badly planned and corrupt. See Why are they rioting in Burgos? #Gamonal pic.twitter.com/oztJFdhjnz — Albi ❄ (@albavazquezz) January 14, 2014 Read more http://www.davidjackson.info/

Why are they rioting in Burgos?

You may have seen that the northern city of Burgos is entering its fourth of riots. On Saturday alone, 41 people were arrested and 21 hospitalised, including several police. The fuss is supposedly over the remodelling of a main street in the city, but it runs deeper than that. You see, on the one hand we have the local residents, who don’t want the current plans.

La Mojonera still guarded by anti riot Guardia

La Mojonera continues to be under a heavy police presence as Guardia Civil units maintain a very public profile. The alledged murderer is expected to appear in front of magistrates today, and as such the Guardia fear more protests if they let up – and local community leaders warn that if justice is not seen to be impartial and immediate “trouble may continue”. Meanwhile, yesterday in the Madrid parliment, Rafael Hernando (P.P. for Almería) demanded Continue reading La Mojonera still guarded by anti riot Guardia

Riots in La Mojonera

La Mojonera, a small village just next to Felix, is still under curfew tonight as over 100 anti riot Guardia Civil still patrol the streets to prevent a repeat of last nights riots after a young “subsaharan” immigrant was killed, apparently by some Gitanos outside of a call centre (locutorio)*. Spain is watching with interest to see the outcome of the latest racial violence in Almeria – will this be the spark that ignites the Continue reading Riots in La Mojonera

Gentleman in a wheelchair tries to riot at football game

A gentleman in a wheelchair has been fined 3.001€ & banned from sporting events for 6 months after he tried to start a riot at the Meditterranean Games Football Stadium in Almería during last Sundays match against A Coruña. It seems that an official asked him to move his wheelchair away from an emergency exit he was blocking, and asked him to move to the wheelchair area (which is front row anyway, and apparantly fewer Continue reading Gentleman in a wheelchair tries to riot at football game

The Roquetas Murderer is arrested!!!

Amazing! The Guardia, after much political and social pressure, have hitched up their trousers, taken a deep breath, and arrested the gitano who killed Ousmane Kote and thus sparked the riots in Roquetas del Mar. Named as Juan Jose O.N., 26 years old and with the nickname “El Bollo”, was living in a small house hidden in between the greenhouses in the Los Llanos de la Canada area of Roquetas. Picture from teleprensa.net No further Continue reading The Roquetas Murderer is arrested!!!

Roquetas “ready to flare up again” once police leave

According to almost all of the press (including El Correo Español from the País Vasco – well, they should have experience in finding the disaffected ringleaders of local gangs, coming from up there) the African population of Roquetas del Mar are lying low until the police leave, ready for a huge concerted attack on the Gitano population of the area. A chap calling himself “Kofi”, 20 years old and from Ghana, said that he and Continue reading Roquetas “ready to flare up again” once police leave

Roquetas quietens down

A quiet night in Roquetas, although the Police patrols are still active in the area. Last night a young man was arrested by the Guardia in connection with the death of Ousmane Kote, a young Marroqui (Morroccon) who according to eye witnesses was a “very active” part of the fight that lead to his death, apparantly egging the Gitanos on. Strangely enough, still not one Gitano has been arrested. No word on when they will Continue reading Roquetas quietens down

A quieter night for Roquetas del Mar

A quieter night for Roquetas del Mar after over 100 Guardia Civil anti riot police and a helicopter kept the overnight calm. Miguel Corpas, civil governor of Almeria has promised that the extra police units will stay until peace and tranquility return to the streets. Meanwhile, a different story is emerging from local residents as to the cause of the original fight in which a 28 year old Senegalese man called Ousmane Kote was knifed Continue reading A quieter night for Roquetas del Mar

Roquetas still “no go” area in places

Just watching some rather disturbing images, live, on “Espana Directa” from Roquetas del Mar, of large groups of Police and Guardia Civil roaming the streets with large sticks and hitting black people – any groups of Africans are being broken up as soon as they form. Local “subsaharanos“, or sub Saharan as the press are now calling them, once they realised that Africa is more then just Morrocco, have denounced that they have been condemned Continue reading Roquetas still “no go” area in places