Burgos gives up and abandons controversial street plans

The Mayor of Burgos has given up after pressure from across the country and has stopped the controversial plans to reform an avenue in his town which has caused protests across the nation. The announcement came just hours after a vote in the townhall in which his administration decided to continue with the works. All 3 opposition parties were united against the works, but failed to stop the motion passing. The Mayor had previously announced Continue reading Burgos gives up and abandons controversial street plans

Police on full alert in Roquetas for trouble

Police are on full orders to be on maximum alert for trouble in the Roquetas & Poniente area. Community leaders amongst the African immigrant community have warned of “high tensions” after the recent murder of Saidi E.S.  , killed by mistake by a friend in a fight. Immigrant communities are still tense after the race riots earlier this year, and low level trouble is constant between the immigrants and the Gitano communities. Almost 1 in 4 Continue reading Police on full alert in Roquetas for trouble

Roquetas Riots Rumble On

Sunday saw another disturbed night in the “200 Viviendas” area of Roquetas del Mar as roaming groups of North Africans (Marroquis as the Spanish press call them) clashed with groups of ethnic Gypsies (Gitanos). Guardia Civil anti riot police tried to enforce a full curfew in the area as from 22.00 hours onwards, but were unable to prevent several bloody clashes between the groups. There were also reports of barricades being put up, some of Continue reading Roquetas Riots Rumble On

Riots in Roquetas

Roquetas del Mar suffered a night of near rioting as roving groups of gitanos and marroquies (Gypsies and North Africans) clashed with police and firemen after a fight between two groups got out of hand. It appears that a gitano stabbed a marroqui in a fight – the marroqui died of the wound before getting to hospital. In an apparent revenge attack, a group of his friends proceeded to torch the gitanos house, and the Continue reading Riots in Roquetas

Police charge protestors in Almeria

These are the injuries sustained by a farmer after police charged a demonstration held this afternoon in front of the tax offices in Almeria. There were almost 20 civilians injured, plus some 13 police officers, although the worst injury reported was a severe cut to the upper arm of a woman. Farmers, deliverymen, drivers and other strikers went to a rally this morning called by COAG and ASAJA, bringing with them a large number of Continue reading Police charge protestors in Almeria