ZP shakes it up a bit

So today’s the first full day of school for the new Cabinet after ZPs’ night (or morning) of a thousand long knives yesterday. Ousting the PSOE power base, he has shuffled his best friends up to the top positions and cleverly moved a few obstacles into ministerial posts where they can concentrate their talents on messing up the country and not his political power base. Leire Pajín, a woman alledged to earn €15,000 a month Continue reading ZP shakes it up a bit

Junta announces a major reshuffle

Griñán has consolidated his grip on Andalucía by sweeping away the old Chaves guard, closing down two conserjerías and reshuffling the whole Junta de Andalucía. He has appointed a number of his cronies to important positions and “made his mark”. Just one week after being officially given head of the PSOE party in Andalucía. Hats off, I mean, how long did it take Stalin to sweep away the influence of Lenin? etc etc. Ole Grimey Continue reading Junta announces a major reshuffle