Argie Bargy after submarine surfaces in middle of kiddie regatta

The Argentines are in an uproar after one of their subs surfaced into the middle of a kids regatta in the Mar de Plata. Nobody is quite sure why the 40 years old Argentine Navy submarine S-31 ARA Salta suddenly decided to surface without checking to see what was above, but panic ensued as the kids sailboats had to tack to safety.

Junta blows 800,000€ on Almeria catamaran race

After being asked at least three times at a press conference, the regional director of the Junta’s tourism department eventually admitted how much the Junta is to spend on the 2010 Almeria catamaran races. Despite having billed this as an event “similar to the 2005 Med games”, the Junta’s own figures estimate that only about 15,000 people will take part in the race events: fewer than an average Almeria FC football game. A series of Continue reading Junta blows 800,000€ on Almeria catamaran race