AFP: Spain’s austerity leader Rajoy takes power

Spain swore in new conservative Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy on Wednesday, putting him at the helm to steer the country out of an economic crisis through tough spending cuts. The bearded Galician, 56, took the oath of office a month after voters confronted by a worsening economy ousted the governing Socialists in an early election. With more than five million people unemployed and warnings of a fresh recession looming, Rajoy has vowed to create jobs, Continue reading AFP: Spain’s austerity leader Rajoy takes power

ZP bows out amongst jeers

ZP has presided over his last session of Congress as Prime Minister of Spain. He finished his last session after 8 years as PM with a rather rambling speech saying he hoped that the next government would continue with his legacy and that his financial reforms would bring Spain back to prosperity. Meanwhile, opponent Mariano Rajoy showed no mercy, accusing ZP of leaving a poisoned legacy behind him, and accusing him of leading Spain to Continue reading ZP bows out amongst jeers

Rajoy caught without a seatbelt

In a symbolism laden video posted on his facebook page, Mariano Rajoy, leader of the opposition and head of the PP party, spoke to Spain about his hopes for the future, and his plans to save bullfighting (spot the Osborne bull in the opening credits). The video is shot in the back seat of his limo on a dody handicam – it looks like the start of a low budget porn film- and the constant Continue reading Rajoy caught without a seatbelt

Tax rises announced for next July

The government has announced a series of tax rises for the next budget, including an increase in IVA to 18% and 8%, respectively. Tax on any money you have in the bank or invested jump to 21%. Full story here: 2010 Spanish tax rise announced Frankly, despite the fact he’s a bit of an oik, I’m with Rajoy on this one. A desperate attempt to plug the funding hole, hitting the easiest target whilst hoping Continue reading Tax rises announced for next July