Rajoy has a chat with Trump

Mariano had what was described as an “extensive and productive” chat with Trump today. (Further investigation shows that it lasted exactly 15 minutes). Madrid said that Trump was very interested to hear about Rajoy’s reactivation of the Spanish economy. Rajoy said he talked at length on bilateral relations, security and the economy. As Trump hung up, Rajoy shouted down the phone that he would offer to mediate between the USA and south America. No news Continue reading

Rajoy to offer a government of “national unity” with PSOE

Rajoy’s PP party is preparing the PSOE an offer they can’t refuse – a government of national unity, according to El Mundo. The coalition government being planned is along Angela Merkel’s CDU-CSU-SPD coalition in Germany.   Rajoy is willing to take onboard several of the PSOE’s manifesto commitments, and may even consider their plans to reform the Constitution. If the coalition is rejected, then a second plan is to offer a two year term to Continue reading

Rajoy loses it on national radio and is rather publicly humiliated

There’s a reason PM Rajoy doesn’t do more interviews – he’s crap at them. He went on Onda Cero’s “Más de Uno” national radio show today to talk about this weeks Catalan elections, which the nationalist parties are turning into a referendum. Rajoy told presenter Carlos Alsina that “if the nationalists win, everyone in Catalonia will lose their Spanish and European nationalities”. No they won’t, said Carlos. And why not? Asked Rajoy in a puzzled Continue reading

Rajoy on official visit to Almería next weekend – will he bring gifts?

President Rajoy is coming to Almería next weekend on a two day official visit. He will be on state business on the 17th and on the 18th is expected to meet with business leaders and PP politicians. He’ll be giving two public speeches, one in Almeria and another in Aguadulce. The hope is that he will be announcing some nice projects for the province – the PSOE have already asked, in a satirical moment, if Continue reading

Rajoy tells Scotland to feck off

Rajoy said this morning that he, and any future Spanish government, would ensure that Scotland would never enter the EU. He’s got nothing against Scotland per se, I assume, but he’s sending a clear message to Catalan nationalists that they mustn’t, God forbid, actually assume Spain is a democracy or anything similar. “Independence of these small regions” he pontified in Congress, “brings only poverty, and these breakaway regions threaten to torpedo the European project”. He Continue reading

We have a tomorrow full of sunny days and blue skies says a happy Rajoy

He must be going on holiday to Almeria…. No, seriously, Rajoy has come back from Washington DC in a daze of happiness. He’s been hob-nobbing with the most important people in the world, they’ve been giving him the time of day, and he’s come back full of beans. His first official act was presenting the Carlos V medal to José Manuel Durao Barroso this afternoon, together with Prince Felipe, where he was on fine form, Continue reading

Things worse than we thought – government rises taxes, admits public deficit is 8% and makes public workers work harder

The new government of Spain has announced today, in its first round of emergency budget revisions after the recent general elections, that the real level of Spain’s public deficit is at 8% of GDP, not the 6% said by the outgoing socialists, and almost double the EU’s maximum limit. In a first emergency budget modification announced today, Rajoy’s government has rised personal income tax, ranging from an increase of just 0’75% for the lowest level Continue reading

AFP: Spain’s austerity leader Rajoy takes power

Spain swore in new conservative Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy on Wednesday, putting him at the helm to steer the country out of an economic crisis through tough spending cuts. The bearded Galician, 56, took the oath of office a month after voters confronted by a worsening economy ousted the governing Socialists in an early election. With more than five million people unemployed and warnings of a fresh recession looming, Rajoy has vowed to create jobs, Continue reading

ZP bows out amongst jeers

ZP has presided over his last session of Congress as Prime Minister of Spain. He finished his last session after 8 years as PM with a rather rambling speech saying he hoped that the next government would continue with his legacy and that his financial reforms would bring Spain back to prosperity. Meanwhile, opponent Mariano Rajoy showed no mercy, accusing ZP of leaving a poisoned legacy behind him, and accusing him of leading Spain to Continue reading

Rajoy caught without a seatbelt

In a symbolism laden video posted on his facebook page, Mariano Rajoy, leader of the opposition and head of the PP party, spoke to Spain about his hopes for the future, and his plans to save bullfighting (spot the Osborne bull in the opening credits). The video is shot in the back seat of his limo on a dody handicam – it looks like the start of a low budget porn film- and the constant Continue reading