Heavy rain brings chaos to Almería

Heavy rain on Tuesday morning bought chaos to Almeria city and the outlying area. Emergency services dealt with 73 call outs across the west of the province in a single morning due to localised flooding. A level 1 flood alert was declared in the early hours of the morning, which was lifted later that afternoon. [AdSense_B] Several people had to be rescued from their vehicles after getting stuck whilst crossing floodwaters, including a man and Continue reading Heavy rain brings chaos to Almería

Not too much damage from last nights rain

The heavy rain we got shortly after midnight last night didn’t do too much damage. It mainly hit Mojacar, Garrucha and Vera. Petter Finne reckons he got over four inches of rain in his back garden, an estimate he admits is “rule of thumb”, ie, he put his thumb in a flowerpot that had filled up. In Mojacar, two homes were flooded, three cars collapsed into a sinkhole in Macenas, another one in front of Continue reading Not too much damage from last nights rain

Vera activates Emergency Flood Plan for this weekend

Vera council has confirmed that it’s activated its emergency Flood Plan for this weekend, as it looks like it’ll rain tomorrow (bummer for Los Carrascos fiesta in Turre…) Emergency services in the town will be prepared with a “coordinated response” to any localised flooding and have made sure all material and equipment they need is in a fit state, and that they know where it all is. The EFP has two levels: 1 which is Continue reading Vera activates Emergency Flood Plan for this weekend

A lovely day in Mojacar (not)

This picture of a not so sunny beach resort called Mojacar was taken early this morning from Turre, after a cloudburst hit the region overnight. According to reports from early morning people, car parks are four feet deep in water, basements are flooded, and La Parata was cut off after the rambla there filled with water, washing the road away. I assume that the lack of vegetation in that area isn’t helping with the rain Continue reading A lovely day in Mojacar (not)

Brief hailstorm causes chaos

Never one to be left out of the national picture, Almería celebrated it’s own freak weather yesterday when a hailstorm left what has been described as “a trail of chaos” in its wake. Some greenhouses were damaged in El Ejido, La Mojonera & Aguadulce and Roquetas del Mar got quite a bit of (by now) frozen rain. No damage to persons was recorded, although the Local Police & Bomberos had to shut a couple of Continue reading Brief hailstorm causes chaos