Raf tomatos face up to the competition

The Raf tomato is a local delicacy that is famous throughout Spain for being “more expensive than jamón”. But the luxury vegetable is under increased pressure from cheaper competitors. A product grown only in the dry soil of Almería, the original Raf was a desert tomato introduced from France in the 1960’s by a company called Semillas Clause. The Raf is now considered to be the best tomato produced in Spain, with a unique texture Continue reading Raf tomatos face up to the competition

Tomato RAF & Spam

While I may be a man who, while he doesn’t eat them, takes every opportunity to promote RAF tomatoes (famous for being the best tomatos in the world, grown in Almeria!), I draw the line when I start receiving large amounts of spam emails urging me to buy them. A company calling itself TomaRaf S.A.T. (Presided over by one Jesus Daniel Aguilera Gimenez) claims to be able to ship you as many RAF tomatos overnight Continue reading Tomato RAF & Spam