Guiri – rascists use in La Voz de Almeria?

While pouring over this weeks copies of La Voz de Almeria, our local version of Pravda, I noticed with interest, in the middle of an interesting article about how Almeria’s tourism services are the best ranked among all of Andalucia (May 7, page 21), the following phrase: Desgraciadamente, Ameria no fue una de las provincias andaluzas que mas guiris recibio… Now, “guiri”, I was always taught, has two meanings: A good old fashioned member of Continue reading Guiri – rascists use in La Voz de Almeria?

The “offensive” advert

Colin Davies brought this story to my attention (can’t see how I didn’t spot it before!). It’s a full page ad that the Spanish Basketball association ran (see it here on, which shows the Spanish Olympic Basketball team, in full regalia, pulling the sides of their eyes up to try to imitate “oriental” eyes. Whilst sitting on a chinese dragon. The Spanish Embassy in China told El Pais “that we do not consider this Continue reading The “offensive” advert