What a mess between pubs and bars

From today’s discussion of the difference between pubs and bars, being carried out on the letters page of The Times: Sir, Many years ago I was called to the bar of my Inn, which has no bar, and drank in a mess. Fortunately the Inn has a pub adjoining, with one bar much frequented by the Bar. Andrew Francis Lincoln’s Inn, London WC2 Well, that’s cleared it up!

Restaurant La Parata, Mojacar Playa

This review is depreciated. John and Ann have moved to Restaurante La Fantasia on Mojácar Playa. La Parata is, of course, still open but now owned by someone else. Many, many, many years ago, La Parata was the benchmark for expat food in the area. John in the kitchen serving up exquisite delights, Anne out front with the family making you feel at home. It’s a strange location, as it’s right up in the hills Continue reading Restaurant La Parata, Mojacar Playa