Strange staffing at Turre medical centre

The receptionist at the Turre medical centre is off for a couple of months, and so a substitute must be found. This happens to be the responsibility of the council. So Mayor Martin was somewhat surprised to discover – after a plenary meeting in which the subject wasn’t raised – that instead of normal procedures being followed, the name of the ex-Mayor of Turre Jose Navarro had been put forward as a “done deal”. In Continue reading

PSOE says one more try at Diaz’s investiture, then regional elections

Susana Diaz, President Elect of Andalucia and leader of the PSOE in the region, has faced up to the fact that none of the other parties will support her taking charge here without serious concessions being given – mainly in transparency and anti-corruption measures, which her party don’t seem too keen on – and so she will give her investiture one last try before calling for new elections. Her party is believed to have been Continue reading

Albanchez Mayor to be decided by coin spin

The small town of Albanchez, in the mountains above Almería, has had a draw declared in its municipal election last Sunday and so the Mayor will be decided by the toss of a coin. The PSOE and the ALpAL parties both got 238 votes. The PP, surprisingly, only got one vote, despite having presented a full list of councillors. It seems the local PP party had an internal split before the last elections and most Continue reading

Arturo Grima caught in alleged postal vote fraud

The Mayor of Turre, Arturo Grima, has been allegedly caught out by the opposition PSOE party in a postal vote scam. According to a complaint filed today with the electoral board and the Guardia Civil by the PSOE, they not only have witnesses who say they were approached by Grima with offers to buy their postal votes, but they also have pictures of Grima posting some 80 votes in the Mojácar post office. The PSOE Continue reading

Albox mayor asked for expenses despite using his official car

The Mayor of Albox has been denied the travel compensation of €7,000 he asked for, as he had been using his official car. Rogelio Mena (PSOE), who is also a local MP, had put in travel expenses for the last three years. However, an internal investigation by the Junta discovered he always used his official Audi for these trips, instead of a personal vehicle. Rogelio asked for €4.000 for trips between Albox and Almería, and Continue reading

Turre PSOE demand public apology from Mayor Grima after he called them “thieves”

So Arturo Grima (PP) and Martin Morales (Somos Turre) went head to head in a debate live on Radio Actualidad last week. During their introductions, Arturo Grima went off on a wild rant about previous administrations and said that the previous PSOE administrators of the town had stolen from the town… a strong word which I use intentionally, and have used in the past. He then went on to say the previous PSOE lot had Continue reading

Pigging dogs, the Mojácar PSOE promise to make Walt Disney central to the town

So the big idea of the Mojácar PSOE to attract more tourists to the town? Walt fecking Disney again. The whole Walt Disney thing just makes me depressed. It really does. He had nothing to do with the town (Lenox Napier can tell you how the whole sordid lie was cooked up in the 70’s) but still we return to him like the Kastom people pray to Prince Phillip in the hope he’ll send them Continue reading

Provincial PSOE boss charged in corruption case by Guardia Civil

The financial crimes unit of the Guardia Civil have levied charges against José Luis Sánchez Teruel, sec gen of the PSOE in Almería, claiming that he illegally siphoned off taxpayers money at least five times whilst Andalusian secretary of the environment between 2008-2009 via fake contracts. A Judge must now rule on whether or not to formally charge José ahead of a full trial. A 200 page police report shows how José, along with some Continue reading

Cuidadanos prepares to back PSOE’s Susana for President of Andalusia

The investiture of Susana Diaz as President of the Junta de Andalucía looks like it may happen after all, after Cuidadanos confirmed it was in advanced negotiations with the PSOE to back them. The throwing onto the dustheap of history of ex-Presidents Chaves and Griñán (both are wanted by Justice over allegations that they siphoned off billions when running the joint, but their Parliamentary Privilege has so far protected them) unblocked negotiations with Cuidadanos. Podemos Continue reading

Chaves & Griñán thrown to the judicial wolves to save the PSOE-A

Susana Díaz may be President of Andalucía after all next week, after her two predecessors Manuel Chaves & José Griñán both announced they would quit politics at the next elections. It is impossible for Susana to become President at next weeks investiture without the support of some of the opposition parties, and both Podemos & Cuidadanos have drawn “lines in the sand” which Susana’s PSOE party have to agree to first. The first of the Continue reading