Palomares has a new weekly market after the town council inaugurated a weekly Wednesday market. The market boasts stalls of all types and is being held in the main street until the early hours of the afternoon. Mayor Antonio Fernandez visited the first edition of the market and told residents of Palomares that “the new market will fill a need in this town and I am delighted by the enthusiasm by which local traders have Continue reading

1 in 5 of Europe’s watermelon grown in province

Watermelon is one of the most popular local crops, as multiple harvests of the fruit can be grown both inside winter greenhouses and outside during the spring months. And the vast farms of the province have been busy growing this luscious crop. Out of the 950.000 tons of the crop which will be consumed within the EU this year, 222.000 tons will come from Almeria province. That’s also 43 per cent of the total harvest Continue reading 1 in 5 of Europe’s watermelon grown in province

The list of speed traps in Almeria over the next month

The DGT (traffic police) have published the list of where all the mobile and fixed speed traps will be this month (there will be a special campaign this month with lots of nasty cops with fine books in their dirty little hands). Later: Here’s the link to a file showing the exact locations of all, courtesy of La Voz de Almería.    

Another film crew working in province

Basque director Imanol Uribe has started filming his latest opus here in the province, and expects to set most of the film here in Almeria province, mainly around the Cabo de Gata area. Imanol is a top Spanish film director. “Lejos del Mar”, an entirely Spanish project, stars Eduard Fernández and Elena Anaya. It’s the third film in a modern day thriller set, the first two films being the award winning “La Muerte de Mikel” Continue reading Another film crew working in province

Game of Thrones to be filmed in Andalusia, maybe Almeria?

Entertainment Weekly says Game of Thrones producers are in advanced talks to film a lot of series 5 of the hit series in Andalusia. Following on from the successful Exodus filming in Almería, other big producers have “rediscovered” the south of Spain, and cheap labour is certainly available at the moment!

No money for tourism from the Junta complains province

The Junta has confirmed that the only aid it plans to give Almeria province towards tourism promotion will be a donation towards the cost of the yearly Fitur tourism trade fair in Madrid in 2013. Of course, since Andalucia is expected to run one big stand for the whole region, that’s not saying much. So that leave the province to promote itself on its own. “Blame Rajoy” a Junta spokesman told Personally, I blame Continue reading No money for tourism from the Junta complains province