Lottery again favours Roquetas

Just days after the El Gordo went to Roquetas del Mar (452 million euros…), the El Niño lottery has also favoured the town – two tickets of first prize 22654 were sold in the town, worth 200,000 euros apiece. El Mundo says one man bought both tickets, and that he had earlier won on El Gordo, so that’s a nice Christmas for him. It’s small beans compared to the El Gordo win. The first prize Continue reading Lottery again favours Roquetas

17 million lottery prize goes to Zurgena and Arboleas

The ONCE first prize went to tickets sold in Zurgena and Arboleas, distributing 17 million euros across the two towns. One lucky first prize winner got 15 million euros in cash plus 6,000€ a month for the next 25 years, in the annual ONCE Mother’s Day lottery. Less, of course, the 35% government tax on such matters. Juan Fernandez (chap in the photo) was the bloke who sold the tickets. A further nine people won Continue reading 17 million lottery prize goes to Zurgena and Arboleas