Breakout from Almería prision

A 20 year old Morrocon man has escaped from Almería Prision (El Acebuche), climbing over 2 6 metre walls, avoiding Guardia Civil patrols, barbed wire fences, spotlights and half a kilometre of clear space before legging it over the fields last Sunday evening. Almería prision is categorised as a “high security” prision, and the successful escape has left the authorities and local population worried. It appears that the young man took advantage of dusk while Continue reading Breakout from Almería prision

Almeria jailbirds “sleep with doors open”

CSI-CSIF, the union that represents, among others, the prison staff at El Acebuche (the large jail by the motorway before the airport), has made a formal complaint saying that the director of the jail is allowing category 3 prisoners to sleep with their doors open, according to This started during the Eurocup football, so they could stay up late without bothering the staff. However, they have now got used to the situation and nobody Continue reading Almeria jailbirds “sleep with doors open”