The case of the missing Carboneras art works

In 2009, The artistic mayor of Carboneras Cristóbal Fernández order the purchase of a complete set limited edition reproductions of the works of famous Spanish painter Goya. These 80 artworks, issued by group Planeta, never arrived at the townhall, and the current administration is asking where they are. (Suspiciously closer to the elections than the discovery of the theft, but never mind). Councillor of culture Josefa Cruz Orta authorised the purchase of the anti-war prints, Continue reading The case of the missing Carboneras art works

Mojacar Magazine

The latest issue of what has to be the oddest looking website in Almeria is out. Featuring such interesting snippets as a bio for “Dodge” Ric Polansky, “A history of Tapas”, “Spanish Petrol Scam” and more! Actually, this is one website that gets to me; if only they would publish it in a proper web format instead of “straight from print”, with the effort they put into it they could make it quite a Continue reading Mojacar Magazine