Palace denies rumors of rift in Prince Felipe’s marriage on his birthday

It’s his 46th birthday, but instead of kicking back and enjoying himself, Prince Felipe is finding himself embroiled in new rumours about the state of his marriage. Things haven’t been helped by an statement from the Palace (la Zarzuela) which spoke of altibajos in his marriage, the usual “ups and downs” after 10 years together. Altibajos are usually more bajo than alto…

Prince Felipe in a lowkey 45th birthday party

Next Thursday heir to the Throne of Spain Prince Felipe is celebrating his 45th birthday in a low key manner, surrounded by friends and family. He’s the only member of the Royal Family who’s in the public favour at the moment, as he and his ex-TV presenter wife keep themselves busy “doing good” around the country. Whilst his Dad and Sister also keep themselves busy, not doing so much good around the country. 65% of Continue reading Prince Felipe in a lowkey 45th birthday party