Vera + Mojacar make it into The Telegraph’s “top 20 places to live”

The Telegraph mentions Vera & Mojacar as one of its top 20 places to live in the world! Thanks to Grant Goddard for pointing it out to me. OK, so the top 20 place to live is actually Andalusia, but our little corner is singled out for special mention (although we’re only technically andaluz, as I keep saying). The Telegraph says

English Press in Spain

This was going to be a rant about the Euro Weekly and their racist, puerile, anti Magaret Thatcher columnists, but then I realised I couldn’t be bothered. So instead, I went for a short walk and looked at a rack of the “English” press. Here are the headlines: The Sun: “Russell yelled “Qué?” in bed (and didn’t know what he was doing)”. The Mirror: “Ross: I’m stupid. Brand: I Quit”. The Express: “Joke on us Continue reading English Press in Spain

The “offensive” advert

Colin Davies brought this story to my attention (can’t see how I didn’t spot it before!). It’s a full page ad that the Spanish Basketball association ran (see it here on, which shows the Spanish Olympic Basketball team, in full regalia, pulling the sides of their eyes up to try to imitate “oriental” eyes. Whilst sitting on a chinese dragon. The Spanish Embassy in China told El Pais “that we do not consider this Continue reading The “offensive” advert