Shellfish shoots up as catches sink – ouch, a prawn is expensive

The latest data from the Andalusian fisheries ministry show a hefty increase of up to 40% in the price of local shellfish and blue fish as the amount of kilos caught drop by 35% across the province. Locally caught mackerel, sardines, sardinellas and swordfish have all gone up in price as stocks dwindle in local water. But the same effect is happening with shellfish, as the price of octopus and prawns also shoot up. Local Continue reading Shellfish shoots up as catches sink – ouch, a prawn is expensive

Garrucha prawns are back!

The infamous Garrucha prawns have returned! All summer long the elusive little blighter vanished from its normal habitats, forcing local fishermen to drydock their boats for the summer. (Although I noticed that most of the local restaurants in Garrucha continued to sell them over the summer, ah hem). The problem even reached Congress, where a question was tabled asking the Environmental Ministry to send down a boffin to find out what had happened. And now, Continue reading Garrucha prawns are back!

Missing Garrucha Prawns make it to Congress

A local deputy has tabled a question in Congress asking the National Government if it has any idea why the Garrucha Prawn has vanished. Not a one has been spotted since the spring, although, strangely enough, I noticed quite a few restaurants along the playa selling “fresh Garrucha Prawns” for about 120€ a kilo. Ah hem. Several of the prawn boats have given up the season and gone into dock, according to Europa Press. The Continue reading Missing Garrucha Prawns make it to Congress

Filthy sea AND no prawns – coincidence?

Now that the summer is over, the papers are allowed to start talking about the filthy, polluted sea we currently have: La Voz de Almeria: “El agua está en peor estado que nunca” Well, since we still have no sewage plants, it’s all being dumped untreated into the sea. Coincidentally, in the same edition, we see that the fishermen haven’t caught a single prawn for a month: La Voz de Almeria: La gamba lleva un Continue reading Filthy sea AND no prawns – coincidence?