Spain has 2.7 million children in borderline poverty

“Save the Children” has issued a warning saying that a third of all Spanish children, or about 2.7 million children, are at risk of “social exclusion” by being in borderline or actual poverty conditions. The charity says the crisis that forced Spain down the lists, and only Romania has a higher level of child poverty in the EU.

66,000 people on food aid in province

If you need further proof of just how terribly Spain has run itself into the ground, look no further than the fact that the government is giving free food to 66,000 people in the province. Given that unemployment is at about 37% in Almería province, that’s about right. Meanwhile, we learnt last week that the Mayor of a crappy little seaside town like Garrucha can steal or misspend (the jury is still, ahem, not called Continue reading 66,000 people on food aid in province