Garrucha port ends free parking

Garrucha port has ended free parking, and you have to pay and display to park there. Failure to do so will result in a stiff fine by a little old man in a fluorescent jacket whose toothless grin masks a grim determination to bring in enough fines to justify his job. Garrucha council assures me that it’s nothing to do with them – the port area is dependent upon the Junta de Andalucia owned company Continue reading Garrucha port ends free parking

Boat explodes in Garrucha harbour

A woman has been seriously injured after her seven meter cabin cruiser exploded in Garrucha harbour today at midday. According to the emergency services, the woman had boarded her boat called “Chess” along with her husband and children, and started to warm up the engine. At 12:50 the engine suddenly exploded, causing severe burns to the woman on board who was nearby. The fire brigade suspect that the engine started leaking fumes which suddenly exploded Continue reading Boat explodes in Garrucha harbour

Garrucha lorries get stuck

There was a massive tailback on the Garrucha bypass yesterday after the yeso lorries tried to use their usual entrance to the port only to find that Vera townhall had cut the road off without bothering to tell anyone. The lorries are currently thundering up a side road bypassing the roadworks on the main tunnel, stopping at a traffic light to cross the Garrucha entrance road, then carrying on to the port down the side Continue reading Garrucha lorries get stuck

No summer fair for Garrucha after Junta gets nasty

The Junta has gotten nasty with Garrucha and told them they can’t hold their traditional summer fair in the port. They’ve also slapped a €30,000 fine on the town for holding it in the port last year, a fine the Mayor says he won’t pay and will challenge in the courts. “Where else can we hold the summer fair?” asked as indignant Mayor Juan Fran. “On the edge of the port is the logical place, Continue reading No summer fair for Garrucha after Junta gets nasty

Local businessman arrested as 500 kilos of cocaine found in Cartagena port

Police have arrested noted “businessman” Antonio GG, aka “El Garí”, after seizing 500 kilos of cocaine found in a container in Cartagena port, along with 8 other people across the province of Almería. Antonio, a “businessman” who lives in Olula del Rio, has a number of businesses across the province but is also reputed to be involved in much shadier operations. In 2009 he was cleared of ordering the murder of the head of the Continue reading Local businessman arrested as 500 kilos of cocaine found in Cartagena port

The abandoned warehouse outside Garrucha

We’ve all seen the old abandoned warehouse, stuck in the middle of a flat field outside Garrucha as we enter from the Los Gallardos road. Many of us will have wondered why? wherefore? and how? as we speed past this old, well built yet abandoned and now falling apart sign to a past dream. This… is the dream that was.

Carboneras will get a marina

Carboneras will get a new marina, or sports port, before 2020. The Junta confirmed yesterday in a meeting with the Mayor that the new marina will be included in the 2015-2020 “Ports of Andalucia” development plan, although no firm timescale has been announced. It’s been on the cards for the last 20 years, but the port of Carboneras has always been firmly industrial and fishing. The Mayor says it’s all part of his plan to Continue reading Carboneras will get a marina

Garrucha Virgen del Carmen 2013 festival programme

Here’s the festival programme for the 2013 Virgen del Carmen festival in Garrucha. That’s the big festival asking the patron saint to give her protection to the fishermen for another year. The main procession from the church to the port is on Sunday. Sadly, they don’t take you out to sea any more after that drunk fell overboard and drowned. Still a fun day out, tho’. PATRONA DE GARRUCHA Y DE LAS GENTES DE LA Continue reading Garrucha Virgen del Carmen 2013 festival programme

No more discounts in annual mooring fees in Andalucia

The APPA (Andalucian Ports Authority) has confirmed that as from this year it will not offer discounts for boat owners who pay for a years mooring in advance. It has also confirmed that it will charge a rubbish tax at all moorings. However, mooring costs at all APPA marinas have continued to drop: it seems that the average mooring in Andalucia is currently at 114€ per m2 a year, a 7,2% drop over 2010. There Continue reading No more discounts in annual mooring fees in Andalucia

IVA on port moorings

Chris from Almerimar was telling me about a fight boat owners in the port are having over how much IVA should be charged on port moorings, known in Spanish as amarres (read his post on the matter here). It appears that up to now, 16% was being charged on the annual rent of a mooring. But as from the 1st of April 2010, the port authority dropped it to 7%, admitting that the 16% policy Continue reading IVA on port moorings