Man faked his own kidnap to avoid a telling off from the wife

The National Police mounted a major search operation last month in El Ejido after the wife of a local businessman received a ransom demand of €50,000 for her husband, only to discover that the message were being sent by the supposed hostage to cover his illicit weekend away from his wife. The woman received the messages from her husband’s phone, demanding immediate payment of the money, and threatening to cut off her husband’s fingers one Continue reading

Mojácar police officer arrested

A local police officer in the Mojacar force is understood to have been arrested by the guardia civil for theft after he was accused of using a found credit card to withdraw 300 euros in cash. The officer grew up in the village, according to a well placed source. The event happened in late August. The alleged victim, another local young man, was stopped at a routine police checkpoint manned by guardia civil and local Continue reading

All day drinks and drugs … tests for drivers, that is

The Guardia Civil have announced they will be carrying out thousands of random drink and drugs tests during the next two weeks. “Any time, any place” is their slogan for the campaign, taking place ahead of the Christmas rush. The Guardia warn that they will be carrying out the tests across the country with no prior warning at any time during the day.

Police prevent satanic attack in Almeria city

A woman’s life was apparently saved last Thursday after a quick thinking pair of local police officers in Almeria city rescued her from what appears to have been a “satanic ritual”. The 44 year old Uruguayan woman had replied to a job advert, meeting a 43 year man from Madrid in a local bar at six pm. He had discussed the job with her, and then invited her back to his “office” to meet his Continue reading

Seat belt crack down by cops this week

The Guardia are having a crack down on people not wearing seat belts all this week. That’s front, and back seats. 300€ on the spot fine to the driver, by the way. Police reckon 16 road deaths over the last two years were caused by people not wearing their seatbelts. The last time they did a campaign like this, they checked 8.537 vehicles in the province and issued 160 fines. Rebellious or daft types may Continue reading

Just 26 people arrested at Dreambeach

For a music festival with tens of thousands of visitors, just 26 arrests is pretty good going. 22 of them were for peddling drugs; one person was nicked for being rude to a copper, two were arrested because they had warrants out on them and the final person was found to be heavily over the limit when trying to drive home. Traffic police carried out 2009 tests on drivers near the festival, and found 65 Continue reading

Guardia Civil explosives expert dies in accidental explosion at central barracks

An explosion has occurred at the central Guardia Civil barracks in Almeria city, just after 3pm, and a Guardia Civil explosives expert has died as a result of the explosion. It happened in an underground garage underneath the barracks central dining room, which was serving lunch at the time. Panic ensued as officers assumed an attack on their base had happened, and the barracks was put under lockdown until the cause of the explosion was Continue reading

Extra cops for the summer season

An extra 60 Guardia Civil officers have been assigned to the coasts of Almería for the summer to help keep the peace. They will backup the usual officers in the tourism zones, many of them mingling plainclothed to spot pickpockets, car thieves and business owners trying to make an honest buck without having to pay any extra tax, ah hem. They’ll also be deployed at the many ferias we enjoy at this time of year. Continue reading

Murcia anti-drugs police chief – arrested for drug offences

The head of the National Police’s anti-drug squad in Murcia has been arrested for non-specified drug offences. And why not? Some would argue he’s in the right job for his hobbies. One other police officer was also arrested, along with five civilians, after an investigation by the Internal Affairs department of the National Police. Quis custodiet ipsos custodes? Asuntos Internos, it seems. The affair does not involve the larger anti-drugs unit according to Europa Press. Continue reading

Enormous nose leads to mans arrest in Aguadulce

A 42 year old resident of Roquetas del Mar accused to holding up a local supermarket has been arrested thanks to his “enormous nose”. JJGR was spotted by the owner of the supermarket shoplifting last week, and when the owner approached him, JJGR pulled out a blunt weapon and threatened the man, leaving with his stolen goods and some of the days takings. The shopowner was only able to identify the man by his “enormous Continue reading