Pizzeria Sam’z, Los Gallardos

PIZZA? In Los Gallardos? Are we mad? Has the world lost all coherence? Los Gallardos is a rich village. A smart village. A clean village, and an orderly one. But it is not the cuisine centre of the world,  it is a village where peanut butter is viewed as suspicious foreign muck. Pizza is something that -like sushi- is fine when one is abroad -say, Turre- but not to be considered when decent, local food Continue reading Pizzeria Sam’z, Los Gallardos

Update to the “Tito Paco” saga

I’ve been having a chat with Paco from Tito Paco’s, in Turre. Readers will remember that his landlady appeared on “España Directo” (I’ve been on España Directo!) saying that he refuses to pay any rent and is driving them to the poor house (story here). A story that was published on ED’s website as being “in Murcia”. Paco -and he seems a nice chap- claims otherwise. He says the only monies he’s refused to pay Continue reading Update to the “Tito Paco” saga

Pizza da Marco, Turre

Feeling peckish, bored and cramped we walked into Turre to have a look around and maybe get a bite to eat. While not having great expectations of the place, I suggested trying out Pizza da Marco, the new pizzeria that’s opened up on the main street (just past the crossroads). It’s got a strange sign outside and during the day you have to navigate through a number of plastic tables to reach the entrance. Imagine Continue reading Pizza da Marco, Turre

Pizzeria & Indian Chilli

Posted: 13:20@22.08.07 Chili Pizzeria & Curry The opening of “Restaurant Chili Pizzeria” was anticipated with much wonder and excitement by my brother, who loves both Chilli and Pizza. As yet, no word back on how he found the Jalfrezi Pizza. It´s a mainly takeaway joint, on your right as you enter Turre from the Mojacar entrance. Parking is difficult, and I would advise you not to double park as the Locales do seem to be Continue reading Pizzeria & Indian Chilli