End of EU roaming is bad news for us this summer

The EU has abolished roaming mobile phone charges between countries. So you can use your phone in another EU country as if you were at home. Hurrah! Bad news for us down here in Spain. Why? A worse and more expensive service, basically. Because with an estimated 23 million EU tourists coming here in July alone, there are very real fears that the infrastructure will collapse. The number of phones connected to the network is Continue reading End of EU roaming is bad news for us this summer

No more “locked” mobile phones from Movistar

After a campaign by consumer organisation FACUA, Movistar has announced it will end its policy of “locking” mobile phones to its own network. So if you have a Movistar phone, they will now give you, for free and over the phone, the code to “unlock” it and use it on any network. Vodafone, Orange and Yoigo are so far refusing to do this, despite the campaign, but Facua continues to pressurise, and has also lodged complaints Continue reading No more “locked” mobile phones from Movistar

Granada + new phone!

In case anybody noticed (I know you didn’t) it’s been a bit quiet around here this week because I’ve spent a fabulous week up in Granada. I love Granada. The GF’s family has a large flat in the centre, just off the Gran Via. Sadly, we couldn’t stay there as it’s currently infested with students and I’m past that stage of life where I think nothing of having to bleach the shower before stepping in Continue reading Granada + new phone!

Registration of prepaid telephones

As from 8 November 2009, all prepaid telephones must be registered to an owner. Otherwise, they get disconnected. All prepaid phones must be registered to an owner when you buy them as from now. This is, of course, to prevent terrorism. However, I do wonder how difficult it would be to falsify one of those NIE police A4 sheets and take it along with you when you buy your phone?