Paypal iphone app “open to all”

Paypal, the online payments website which is, quite frankly, the worst false bank ripoff you’ll find for a while, has released an iphone app that doesn’t bother to check what’s going on with your cash – meaning hackers could easily empty your account, were you foolish enough to let these con artists within a mile of your money. Here’s the scoop: Paypal is scrambling to fix a serious vulnerability in its Iphone application that could Continue reading Paypal iphone app “open to all”


In case anyone is wondering about using Paypal / Ebay in Spain, they make the Spanish administration look upright and honest. A law unto themselves. Albeit bitterly, I shall say no more. Also, stay away from the butchers “Carniceria Jesus Domingo” in Plaza Jarama nº 8, Galapagar (Madrid), because if they do sausages like they do business, you’ll be dead before the second bite.