Mojacar move to regulate garage access

Mojacar council has implemented a bylaw to regulate the access to garages. I’ve written extensively on this subject in this week’s Costa Almería News, so if you’re interested in the whole story pop out and buy a copy. But here’s a brief summary, because people keep asking me. In short, the council has implemented a 2007 by-law which regulates vados. Vados is the Spanish name for a council rate which guarantees access to a parking Continue reading Mojacar move to regulate garage access

Garrucha port ends free parking

Garrucha port has ended free parking, and you have to pay and display to park there. Failure to do so will result in a stiff fine by a little old man in a fluorescent jacket whose toothless grin masks a grim determination to bring in enough fines to justify his job. Garrucha council assures me that it’s nothing to do with them – the port area is dependent upon the Junta de Andalucia owned company Continue reading Garrucha port ends free parking

Expensive, these beaches

Almería has one thing going for it in the summer – its beaches. Miles of lovely golden sand. Or so I’m told. I’ve never been a beach person, and after being savaged by a tropical jellyfish in the Thai gulf I made a vow never to go nearer the sea than the deck of a boat (or, indeed, the deck of a chiringuito, which is more my sort of scene). Anyway, these beaches have now Continue reading Expensive, these beaches

Blasted traffic fines

I am sick and tired of local and regional government authorities taking advantage of us motorists to improve their balance books. Major cities across Spain (how long before Mojácar or Albox twig onto the same scam? Vera has!) have told their local police to start cracking down on any innocent motorist who finds a space and leaves his / her car. €95 fine plus the tow truck and it’s not worth the hassle to appeal. Continue reading Blasted traffic fines

Parking warning in Granada

The GF had to go up to Granada today to transact some business. She parked in a street where she has parked many, many times before, just round the back of the family flat. Returning a couple of hours later, the car had gone. After some investigations, she discovered that it had been towed, despite not being in a nonparking area. The Local Policeman who assisted her nodded glumly and said that over the last Continue reading Parking warning in Granada