Nasty accident in Nijar 3 Kings parade

There was a nasty accident during Níjar’s three Kings parade last night, when one of the floats hit a low hanging electric cable, knocking a 20 year old man off the float. He seems to have gotten entangled in his King costume when the top of his throne hit the electric cable and fell headfirst onto the street below. He was rushed to Almería hospital with a severe head injury. The rest of the parade Continue reading Nasty accident in Nijar 3 Kings parade

Garrucha Xmas programme

From Garrucha tourism office I learn that: The Belen (nativity scene) will be inaugurated tomorrow Friday 13th at 7pm in the Plaza del Ayuntamiento. From the 3rd – 6th January there will be a Christmas Market everyday in the same Square, and the Three Kings parade sets off from the port at 8pm on the 5th, which is always good fun. Full programme as follows: PROGRAMA NAVIDEÑO 2013 ACTIVIDADES CULTURALES Y FESTIVAS DIA 13 DE Continue reading Garrucha Xmas programme