ITV demands redundent documents to pass your car

The Andalusian ITV network has announced that as from today it will be obligatory to show your vehicle is insured in order to pass your (MOT) inspection. This redundent piece of paper that they are demanding must show proof of payment, period of insurance, type of cover, vehicle ID and the insurance company. VEIASA, the public company that owns the ITV network, says it is obliged to ask for the paperwork under the 2015 traffic Continue reading ITV demands redundent documents to pass your car

What a lot of paperwork

This: is just one of the reasons why I’ve been a bit quiet recently on the old blogging front. Wondering what it is? It’s our staff risk evaluation and training policy, as provided by the kind people at our insurance company “Ibermutuamur”. An obligatory set of rules, procedures, analysis and informational evalutation techniques set out by the Junta and the Government. Here it is all piled up. Well over a thousand sheets of paper, I Continue reading What a lot of paperwork