Barra, Outer Hebrides

Choosing your holiday destination based on the type of airport you arrive at may not seem like the most sensible option. But to my logic, it made perfect sense. You see, unless I wanted to waste two days on a ferry (from Oban on the Scottish mainland to Lochboisdale on South Uist takes five hours on the ferry) I’d have to fly in. And on Barra, you land on a beach. Now, this takes some Continue reading Barra, Outer Hebrides

A treat for the Hebrides

I’ve decided to give the inhabitants of the western isles a treat. All the way from Southern Spain – a sassenech who isn’t too smelly from not having enough clothes. Yes, the prognostics have proven correct, and the rucksack, upon investigation, proved incapable of holding more than two pairs of trousers, two t-shirts, three pairs of pants and 10 pairs of socks. I shudder to think of the condition of those clothes by day six Continue reading A treat for the Hebrides

Preparing for the otters of the outer islands…

I’m still concerned about the lack of Otter repellent in El Corte Ingles. When I asked the nice girl in the hunting and fishing department, she just looked blank and offered me some mosquito repellent. No, I explained, I want nutria repellent. She hunted through the database, and eventually came up with some shark repellent. Not quite the same, as this has to disperse in water. By now, I was afflicted with the acute embarrassment Continue reading Preparing for the otters of the outer islands…

Some gems about Hebridean Island Hopping: T-6 and counting!

Reading the (otherwise quite excellent) guidebook Hebridean Island Hopping: A Guide for the Independent Traveller by Martin Coventry, I’m starting to form a strange impression of the Outer Hebrides which I hope won’t be born out by the trip. I mean, just look at these little gems: There is a walk up to Ness, proving that “the Bridge to Nowhere” does actually lead somewhere. Overnight visitors to the island are advised to camp outside, as Continue reading Some gems about Hebridean Island Hopping: T-6 and counting!

Laying in the supplies: T-15 and counting

So taking the opportunity whilst in Granada, I popped into Corte Ingles to stock up on some supplies for the forthcoming trip to the hinterlands of the Known Universe (Outer Hebrides). I’d decided to buy a rucksack, and carrying everything in that on the trip. “What do you need a rucksack for?” asked the gf. “You spent 70 quid on a nice hand-luggage suitcase last time you were in the UK, use that”.

Tired, bored, stressed and in need of a holiday

All of these are adjectives recently used to describe me (by myself, admittedly). I shan’t repeat what the GF had to say about me when I tried to play the sympathy card, but I stick to my guns. Anyway, the upshot of this is that I’ve decided I deserve a few days away in a nice relaxing spot to unwind. The GF can’t come with me, (I shall be taking her away in June, don’t Continue reading Tired, bored, stressed and in need of a holiday