Restaurant Orsoca Turre

Strange. The last few months have seen a number of my old “favourite” restaurants reopen, either with the same owners, old format, or new owners, old format. And Orsoca restaurant in Turre is just the latest to arise from the ashes. I last reviewed Orsoca last year, when it was without doubt one of the worse run, and foulest restaurants in the area. (See previous review). Sinking to the depths of deprivation, the “management” (I Continue reading Restaurant Orsoca Turre


Updated 4th August 2008: It’s reopened! Find out what I think about Orsoca Turre here. Updated 13th April 2008: Upon my return from the UK, I notice that the Orsoca seems to have closed! Can’t say I’ll miss it’s current incarnation. What will it be next? Posted: 12:12@06.03.07 Restaurante Orsoca Many years ago, this was a family run restaurant, under the watchful eye of Maria, the matriarch who, clad in black, presided over the control Continue reading Orsoca