Vera gets the Guinness for skinnydipping

729 people turned up, stripped off and ran into the sea down at Vera naturist beach today, causing Vera to become the world Guinness record holder for the biggest skinny dip. It beats the previous New Zealand record of 506. The event was organised by Vera townhall together with the Spanish naturist federation. People had to group up into bunches of 50 people each, who were then counted and stamped by a local notary, who Continue reading Vera gets the Guinness for skinnydipping

Get married at the Notary! (or divorced)

Gallardón, the Minister for Justice, has announced that to help free up courts, citizens will in future be permitted to marry or divorce at their local notary public. Divorce will only be permitted when amicable, otherwise a civil case will be opened as normal. 80% of Spaniards are in favour of the move, according to El Mundo’s poll.