Junta approves “dry port” in Níjar, 3,400 jobs to be created

The Junta has approved the creation of a dry port in Níjar, which could create up to 3,400 jobs. We haven’t heard anything about this for ages and suddenly it pops up again. Question is: Where are the trains that will supply the port??? 174 hectares of land next to the motorway in Níjar has been set aside for this massive project. The idea is to create a logistical centre which will receive products from Continue reading Junta approves “dry port” in Níjar, 3,400 jobs to be created

Níjar to ban wild camping this summer

Níjar council confirmed it is planning to ban wild camping after more than 200 caravans and motorhomes descended upon the park on Easter weekend. Councillor Alexis Pinar said: “this was an avalanche which we expect to be even worse this summer, and which caused our traffic infrastructure to collapse. The local police issued a number of fines to badly parked caravans”. The council says it will shortly introduce new bylaws to prevent any wild camping, Continue reading Níjar to ban wild camping this summer

4,000 illegal immigrants living in squalor across province

It’s estimated that up to 4,000 people are living in conditions of absolute poverty across Almería province. Mainly illegal immigrants, they form an unknown number of shanty towns or chabolas (shacks) concentrated mainly in the Níjar – Campohermoso or El Ejido areas. Almería Acoge, together with Médicos del Mundo, are two charities that are heavily involved in helping residents of these shanty towns gain access to the very basic services that we take for granted, Continue reading 4,000 illegal immigrants living in squalor across province

Sculpture exhibition at Nijar’s cactus gardens

The lovely Nijar Brugger cactus gardens are holding an exhibition of works by locally based German sculptor Anne Kampschulte. If you hurry and get there for 4pm today you’ll hear live jazz music as well. Ms. Kampschulte has lived in Almería since 1992 and works with marble and other local stone. The fantastic Cactus Níjar gardens are garden centre and outdoor cactus garden developed over the last 12 years by Toni Brugger, where hundreds of Continue reading Sculpture exhibition at Nijar’s cactus gardens

Nijar in grip of crime wave

San Isidro in Nijar is in the grip of a crime wave, with an average of four break-ins a day being reported to police over the last month. Mayor Esperanza Pérez said: “I have convened a security meeting for next week with local authorities to discuss the matter. Recently Níjar municipality has been hit with a crime wave which obviously has made local residents nervous. I have requested additional Guardia Civil patrols for the area Continue reading Nijar in grip of crime wave

Sorbas man kills wife and her boss

A man from Sorbas killed his wife with a shotgun outside his mother in laws home yesterday Sunday midday in Barranco de Los Lobos (Sorbas), before driving down to Níjar and killing her boss. The wife, named locally as Francisca Herrera (1968) worked in a seed farm in Níjar owned by Manuel Tristán (1958). The Guardia Civil were alerted to the sound of gunshots by neighbours at around 11:51, but when the first patrol car Continue reading Sorbas man kills wife and her boss

Mysterious helicopter “probably drug running”

The inhabitants of the tiny hamlet of Fernán Pérez near Nijar woke up Saturday morning to discover a toppled over helicopter in the middle of a field. There is no sign of it having crashed, or who was piloting it. Police have had it sealed off all day and continue to examine the machine. However, sources say that the helicopter was probably carrying a large amount of illicit drugs from Africa, and landed in Nijar Continue reading Mysterious helicopter “probably drug running”

Nasty accident in Nijar 3 Kings parade

There was a nasty accident during Níjar’s three Kings parade last night, when one of the floats hit a low hanging electric cable, knocking a 20 year old man off the float. He seems to have gotten entangled in his King costume when the top of his throne hit the electric cable and fell headfirst onto the street below. He was rushed to Almería hospital with a severe head injury. The rest of the parade Continue reading Nasty accident in Nijar 3 Kings parade

Tabernas gets medical helipad

A medical helipad has opened in Tabernas, the eighth in the province. The idea behind these helipads is ambulances attending critical accidents can radio for a medical helicopter to transport the patient to the main hospital in Almeria, then meet the helicopter at the helipad and transfer the patient, saving at least a half hour vehicle trip to Almería. It cost €46.874 if you’re interested, and comes complete “with a wind sock for helicopter pilots Continue reading Tabernas gets medical helipad

Spain’s first cocaine lab raided in Níjar

Almería now has the distinction of being the home to the first cocaine lab ever found in Spain. A massive police raid took place in San Isidrio (Níjar – between the greenhouses) last July, but the operation has only now been confirmed by the Guardia Civil. The operation happened after a tipoff by the US Homeland Security Investigation team found a bunch of Colombians smuggling vast amounts of cocaine into Spain. The Colombian authorities were Continue reading Spain’s first cocaine lab raided in Níjar