Dozens of financial crooks arrested across Spain

Looks like the fat fraudster Nigel Goldman got out just in time, unless his extradition had finally come through! More than 50 people were arrested across Spain on Tuesday in a crackdown on boiler-room operations peddling phony investment opportunities. Overseen by a National Court judge, the operation was carried out with cooperation from British and U.S. authorities, sources involved in the ongoing investigation told Efe. The arrests took place in Barcelona, Madrid and Malaga. The Continue reading Dozens of financial crooks arrested across Spain

Nigel Goldman hits the UK press

The Fat Fraudster has hit the UK press! The Daily Mail Birmingham Mail The Independent And probably quite a few more tomorrow morning. I wonder if the UK journalists are going to ask who gave a convicted fraudster a new start, a leg up and a platform to broadcast from when he arrived “penniless” on the Costa del Sol? Nah, we’ll leave that to the CNMV and the Judge.

More on Nigel Goldman in the expat press

Here’s the stories about Nigel Goldman (aka the Fat Fraudster) from the local expat press this week: The Olive Press has a very interesting look at his failed life: All that glitters is not Nigel Goldman as seasoned British fraudster vanishes over millions of missing money in Spain looking at his past convictions that lead him to Spain, and the times he’s spent in jail. The Costa Almeria News has Take the money and run Continue reading More on Nigel Goldman in the expat press

“Sir” Nigel Goldman update

I see with interest that my previous posts on this character – wanted in Spain for trading and investing with a license, dispensing financial advice on Spectrum FM and in the EuroWeeklyNews without a license, and losing almost a million euros of his clients money – are receiving high traffic. Well over a thousand individual hits, most from up and down the coast, lots of subscribers and quite a few site searches. Well, Paul contacts Continue reading “Sir” Nigel Goldman update

Naughty “Sir Nigel Goldman” in the Olive Press

Nigel Goldman continues to make news as his duped investors pour into their local Guardia Civil stations (standing room only at Turre last week I’m told), this time on the front page of the Olive Press, where I also get a pat on my head. Read it here: “Where’s naughty Nigel?” Says The Olive Press: “One restaurant Frankies, in Marbella port, banned him from the weekly tournament in September after he was caught marking cards. Continue reading Naughty “Sir Nigel Goldman” in the Olive Press