Sol Times catch fire

It seems that the truck carrying this weeks “Sol Times” caught fire on transit and so all copies were burnt to a crisp, so we won’t get any this week. (not that we ever do, of course, in this neck of the woods). Rumours that a rival organisation flipped a match into the back of the truck whilst driving along the motorway are, I assume, unfounded but fun to imagine.

“El Mundo” Almeria edition collapses – “Diario de Almería” next?

It appears that the 40 workers of the Almería edition of “El Mundo” newspaper -which is a local franchise operating under the “El Mundo” banner – today received letters informing them that the newspaper has gone under. Many of these workers claim not to have been paid “in months”, the offices are padlocked, and of the two editors, a certain Joseba Murga Eizagaetxebarría, appears to have fallen off the face of the earth, and the other, Luis Continue reading “El Mundo” Almeria edition collapses – “Diario de Almería” next?

Now that the UK TV rebroadcasters are being shut down…

Does ANYBODY need all the free UK papers in Spain to print all the TV listings every week? Is there anybody with SKY TV who hasn’t got the TV listings at hand by pressing “TV guide”? After all, when the TV people were rebroadcasting UK TV channels over analog or microwave systems, there was a (minute) justification for printing all this nonsense. Now that they are being shut down, who is bothering to pick up Continue reading Now that the UK TV rebroadcasters are being shut down…

Letters to the editor

I always enjoy flipping through the local periodicals, and one of my highlights is always the “letters” section. I always enjoy spotting the obvious letter extolling the periodical in question which has been written by the editor, or the editors best friend. And a paper that has no letters page is usually returned to the pile in favour of one that does. However, recently they all appear to have been taken over by a group Continue reading Letters to the editor