Whopping great big military ops going on later this month here

NATO will be flexing its muscles with its largest war game for the last decade, part of which will happen in Almeria. Trident Junction 2015 will see 30.000 troops mobilised in war games across the EU, with several important operations taking place here in October. The province will see troops stationed at the military base in Viator and also see war ships in the Alboran sea. Last years operation “Noble Mariner 14” staged an “invasion” Continue reading Whopping great big military ops going on later this month here

Almería to host massive NATO war games this autumn

35.000 military personnel from 25 NATO countries and 7 allies will be marching up and down the coast of Almería this autumn as part of Trident Juncture 2015, the largest NATO war games since the Cold War. The war games will be taking place up and down the deserted coasts of Almería, in the Alboran sea (off the city of Almería) and in the straits of Gibraltar. Portugal and Italy will also see operations taking Continue reading Almería to host massive NATO war games this autumn

Major NATO op off Almería next month

Get ready to see some spectacular warships sailing around the Albaran sea, as NATO comes to town next month in operation Noble Mariner 2014. A dozen NATO countries are sending warships, marines and troops for the largest NATO sea drill of the year. It takes place off Cádiz and Almería. As host country, the operation is under control of Spanish frigate Almirante Juan de Borbón. The operation is training for the NATO rapid response force, Continue reading Major NATO op off Almería next month

NATO cancels Almeria summit

NATO, which was going to hold an international summit of cooperation in Almería this month, has cancelled it until 2010, and has refused to say whether Almería will be considered as a host city again. The organisation blames the “international climate” and says that it is not possible to bring together North African countries and NATO members this month, without going into specifics. This ia a major blow to the city’s pride, and millions of Continue reading NATO cancels Almeria summit

Almería to host NATO conference

The 37 countries of the NATO alliance (OTAN in Spanish, in case you see it), plus 7 North African and Middle Eastern countries have agreed upon Almería as the host city for the “Mediterranean Dialogue” conference on security and cooperation in the Med. While the exact date has not been officially announced, it is expected to be held in the Spring, probably May. This is expected to be a major international conference, which apart from Continue reading Almería to host NATO conference

NATO minesweeper ships in operations off Almería coast

NATO (or OTAN as the Spanish call it) has sent a fleet of 6 minesweepers from Germany, Belgium, Holland, Estonia, Norway & Britain to practice joint excercises off the coast of Almería from the 24th to the 27th of October. The ships will be moored in Almería harbour, and should be quite visible off the coasts. I’m assuming that no live mines will be used.