Flashfloods in north of province

Heavy storms last night in the north of the province have resulted in several rivers starting to flow at this unusual time of year, and a flash flood. The river Nacimiento was full as it flowed past the villages of Abla and Fiñana this morning, after rain in the Sierra de los Filabres. Several cortijos have been cut off after their fords were washed away but nobody has been injured. In some narrow areas the Continue reading Flashfloods in north of province

New fire station in Nacimiento

The County Council has stumped up €60,000 towards the cost of a new fire station to cover the Nacimiento and Bajo Andarax regions, above Almería on the way to Granada. The total cost of the new station is €71,000 and local townhalls are paying the rest of the cash. It will link in with the new fire unit being created in Canjáyar to prevent forest fires, making the new unit dual use – both forest Continue reading New fire station in Nacimiento

-10ºC tonight!

Watch out if you’re in the high mountains of the province, as a blast of Siberian cold reaches the province. Temperatures are expected to dip as low as -10ºC in the high mountains of Los Vélez, high Almanzora valley and Nacimiento, it should be the coldest night since 2005. Last time it got this cold, it snowed in Almerimar! The weather girl on TVE last night indicated that the snow level for the province could Continue reading -10ºC tonight!