Mojacar elections results approved by Supreme Court

The Supreme Court of Andalucia (TSJA) has approved the results of the Mojacar elections, and return Rosa Mari to power. The Court approved the decision of the Junta Electoral del Zona (JEZ) that the scrutiny of the votes was “correct in the essentials” after a recount shuffled some of the councillors around, and added that the fact that there may have been initial errors in the counting did not mean the final result was changed. Continue reading Mojacar elections results approved by Supreme Court

Election results, eh?

And so I return to our sunny shores to find a seismic shift in the local power has taken place whilst I was away. The usual allegations of postal fraud, ballot box stuffing and vote buying can now commence. Let’s see… quick roundup of Sunday’s municipal election results? Mojacar: Rosmari has returned to power, with an absolute majority (6 councillors). UM10 got 3, PSOE 2, MPSM 1, MPM 1. The rest, including Angel Medina, are Continue reading Election results, eh?