Europe’s highest sea cliff – or how I sauntered up Cape Enniberg

They like their vertical cliffs in the Faroes. In fact, I understand they once had a bit of flat land, but decided to take it off to a museum for safe keeping. So one thing I wanted to see in the Faroes was Cape Enniberg. It’s Europe’s highest sea cliff. How to put this in perspective? You know the high mountain above Mojácar? It’s that high, only vertical down to sea level. It’s 754 metres, Continue reading Europe’s highest sea cliff – or how I sauntered up Cape Enniberg

A new friend….

Whilst pottering about in the high mountains this week, I stumbled across this little fellow. ABout 12-15 cm long. I’ve never seen such a big one this side of the mountains before. Most of the big ones are over in the Cabo de Gata. I took a video of him – he was eating ants. Whilst recording, he refused to move or eat an ant. As soon as I put the camera down, he relaxed Continue reading A new friend….

Up in the mountains

I was up in the Sierra Cabrera this Monday, clambering up mountains and then walking up over La Jara into Mojácar. It was quite fun up here on the Cerro del Judío (hill of the Jew) but the sight of that approaching storm scared me back down.  Braving a few drops I carried on up one of my favourite tracks, up to the old cortijo in la Jara from where you can just see the Continue reading Up in the mountains

The Cabrera land grab – a look at how it worked

Costa Almería News broke the news this week that Mayor Morales of Turre had signed a decree to take over the running of Cabrera village. What does this actually mean? I had a read of some documents to find out. First off, let’s explain the situation. Cabrera isn’t run by the council (although home-owners still have to pay IBI). Instead, it’s technically a partially finished urbanisation, which means it’s run by a junta de compensación, Continue reading The Cabrera land grab – a look at how it worked

Local shepherd falls to death in Turre

A local shepherd has been found dead in the high mountains above Turre. 51 year old Paco usually returned his goats to his shed late at night and returned home at around midnight, but last night he did not come home and eventually his family alerted the emergency services. Police and the fire brigade were out searching for him all this morning and eventually found his body in a high canyon above Turre. It was Continue reading Local shepherd falls to death in Turre

Snow in Cabrera

Just returned from a snowball fight up in the mountains above Cabrera. Lots of lovely snow. Here’ s a few pictures. All right, we’re not talking about the depths of the Scandinavian winter here, but it’s good fun. Ironically enough, as somebody has just moodily emailed me to point out, this is the weekend that John Gaunt was paid to come here and tell everyone how lovely and warm Mojácar is in the winter.  Ah, Continue reading Snow in Cabrera