Motorbike crackdown

Traffic police have announced a special campaign against motorbikes and mopeds this November 13 – 15. Officers will be paying special attention to all such motorists to ensure that their paperwork is in order and vehicles safe.Local police forces across the region of Andalucia have been invited to take part in the campaign. There are 42.500 motorbikes registered on the roads of Almeria province alone. Across Spain, in the first nine months of this year Continue reading Motorbike crackdown

€50,000 compensation for hitting a goat on the motorway

A man has been awarded €50,000 compensation by a local court after he hit a mountain goat that had strayed onto the motorway near Almería city four years ago. José Manuel J. M. was driving his motorbike at a steady 90 kph when he went round a bend and found several wild mountain goats milling around. He bounced off one with the usual nasty results one can expect. Anyway, after four years in the courts, Continue reading €50,000 compensation for hitting a goat on the motorway