Tax revenues collapse in the province laid bare

The collapse of the Spanish economy caused a massive drop in the amount of taxes collected from across Spain. But a new study by the association of tax inspectors Gestha has laid bare the true cost to Spanish coffers. Almería was -and continues to be- one of the provinces which was most affected by the bursting of the economy bubble in 2008. This was most evident in 2012, when the province had the highest unemployment Continue reading Tax revenues collapse in the province laid bare

Lottery again favours Roquetas

Just days after the El Gordo went to Roquetas del Mar (452 million euros…), the El Niño lottery has also favoured the town – two tickets of first prize 22654 were sold in the town, worth 200,000 euros apiece. El Mundo says one man bought both tickets, and that he had earlier won on El Gordo, so that’s a nice Christmas for him. It’s small beans compared to the El Gordo win. The first prize Continue reading Lottery again favours Roquetas

Counterfeiters arrested in province

10 people have been arrested across Almeria and Murcia charged leading a gang which introduced counterfeit 10,20 and 50 euros notes into the economy. They were found with 44,000€ of fake notes on them, along with a further 5.117€ in real notes. An earlier arrest of two other members of the gang allowed police to seize a further 22.000€ in fake notes. The police continued their investigations, arrested a further 8 men in Murcia and Continue reading Counterfeiters arrested in province

How much debt does your townhall have?

It’s not a factor many people think of when buying a house in the area, but the level of debt carried by your townhall will have a strong effect upon the future of your new home. Anyway, the list of longterm debt carried by each town in the province as of 31st December 2014 has just been published. Here’s the full list: 1. Alhabia… Total longterm debt (thousands of euros): 2.948.. Residents: 681.. Amount of Continue reading How much debt does your townhall have?

Junta will spend “hundreds of millions” in Almeria

Aren’t we good little boys and girls, all voting PSOE in the last elections. So we now get “hundreds of millions” spent on us. The Junta de Andalucia, for the first time ever, will hold a Governing Session in Almeria, where they intend to announce a vast quantity of cash will be spent in an orgy of giving over the next few years, above and beyond the normal budget, in order to alliviate the current Continue reading Junta will spend “hundreds of millions” in Almeria