A new history of the railways in the Levante

Local historians Juan Antonio Soler and Andrew Devey have been working together for the last two years on a massive project to chart the mining development of the 19th century mines here in the east of the province. They have uncovered a huge amount of new detail and original photographs, which are about to be published in a book called The local greenways and the history of the mines, railway and cables etc. in the Continue reading A new history of the railways in the Levante

Mojacar move to regulate garage access

Mojacar council has implemented a bylaw to regulate the access to garages. I’ve written extensively on this subject in this week’s Costa Almería News, so if you’re interested in the whole story pop out and buy a copy. But here’s a brief summary, because people keep asking me. In short, the council has implemented a 2007 by-law which regulates vados. Vados is the Spanish name for a council rate which guarantees access to a parking Continue reading Mojacar move to regulate garage access

Mojácar starts fining the “indecorous” youth of summer

Mojácar council has so far issued 10 fines of up to €300 each to youths who are being “indecorous”. The youths were breaking the infamous civic behaviour bylaw which I talk about here, which came into effect on May 26. The council told Ideal newspaper that “stag and hen parties continue in Mojácar, although we note that these groups are better behaved than they were last year. They don’t annoy families and older tourists or Continue reading Mojácar starts fining the “indecorous” youth of summer

Fires in Mojácar

Three fires happened in Mojácar last weekend. The first fire was declared at midday Friday after residents in La Paratá rang emergency services reporting seeing smoke. Although flames licked against walls of the luxury villas in the area, no property damage was reported. Fire engines were called back on Saturday after a second fire broke out, just 150 metres away from the first one. A third fire was declared on Saturday night, just 200 metres Continue reading Fires in Mojácar

A nasty stick confiscated in Mojacar

A Guardia Civil patrol had a narrow escape after confronting a man with a concealed weapon in Mojacar last week. The patrol stopped a man, understood to be a local gitano known to them, to ask them why he was carrying a long bamboo stick with him which he was being aggressive with. The man became agitated and refused to answer their questions. The officers became suspicious of the stick and tried to examine it. Continue reading A nasty stick confiscated in Mojacar

Mojácar loses prettiest town title

Mojácar has lost its title of prettiest coastal town. The title has now gone to Nerja. Mojácar actually came sixth in the voting – Ribadeo (Lugo), Conil (Cádiz), Santoña (Cantabria), Alcanar (Tarragona),  Deba (Guipúzcoa) were all ahead of our local village. In case you were wondering, this prestigious award comes courtesy of online hotel portal “Hotel Info”. 27 towns entered this years competition. Never mind Mojácar – we still love you!

Mojacar shooter arrested, victim stable

A 32 year old Frenchman who shot a 68 year old Icelandic woman in Mojácar last night has been arrested. The woman was sitting in a chiringuito on Mojácar Playa when the Frenchman let off the weapon in a local he owned next door. The bullet went straight through the wall and hit the woman in the chest. It is not known why R.H.J.A., who owns an “entertainment business” in Mojácar according to police, let Continue reading Mojacar shooter arrested, victim stable

Somos Mojacar issues allegations against Mojácar nuisance bylaws

Somos Mojácar writes to tell me that: As you may already know, Somos Mojacar has presented strong opposition and more recently, allegations against the recently announced by-laws relating to public behaviour in the town. We feel that the implementation of these new laws will have a negative effect on the future of Mojacar´s tourism industry. Certain points in the by-law blatantly infringe human rights and rights of liberty and choice as detailed in the Spanish Continue reading Somos Mojacar issues allegations against Mojácar nuisance bylaws

Mojácar police officer arrested

A local police officer in the Mojacar force is understood to have been arrested by the guardia civil for theft after he was accused of using a found credit card to withdraw 300 euros in cash. The officer grew up in the village, according to a well placed source. The event happened in late August. The alleged victim, another local young man, was stopped at a routine police checkpoint manned by guardia civil and local Continue reading Mojácar police officer arrested

3 Kings are for Mojaqueros only, sorry

The 3 Kings parade in Mojácar was an interesting affair, I’m told one of the floats ran out of fuel half way round and there was a “slight delay” whilst someone ran down to get some more. (Later note: This was a mis-communication. It actually happened in Turre! Mojácar’s went off without this hitch.) However, I’m more interested in the invitation to come and watch them issued by the tourist board on their Turismo de Continue reading 3 Kings are for Mojaqueros only, sorry