Neptuno beach bar, Mojacar Playa

June 2010 – A more modern review has been posted here: Neptuno Beach Bar, Mojacar Playa. It’s the 16th of November 2009 and at midday it was around 26ºC. Perfect weather for a paella on the beach. Let’s be honest. The weather is perfect. No wind. No clouds. The sea is so calm that even I, with my chronic sea sickness, would consider venturing out in it. If it were not for the incompetence of Continue reading Neptuno beach bar, Mojacar Playa

The Indian Tandoori, Mojácar Playa

This restaurant used to be called “Bollywood” and I dined there once, much to my dismay [Read the Bollywood Indian restaurant review (now archived)]. The owners eventually left, whether or not under a cloud it is not up to me to say, and it was taken back by the two owners who decided to install a new chef -he goes under the name “Mr Manchester”- and reopen it as “The Indian Tandoori”. I paid it Continue reading The Indian Tandoori, Mojácar Playa

Beachcomber John’s new fried chicken

Beachcomber John (Beachcombers on the Playa, you know it!) has invented a “finger licking good” deep fried chicken recipe that he claims rivals KFC’s. Not to be picky, but surely the idea is to surpass KFC? The only time I’ve eaten in a KFC was at Bangkok Airport (it was the only restaurant open) and I spent the next few hours feeling quite, quite, ill. Just from the taste. I mean, come on, they sell Continue reading Beachcomber John’s new fried chicken

Mariela’s Oasis Bar

I’m informed that Mariela’s Oasis bar restaurant along Mojácar playa continues with their “lunch for one euro” special every Wednesday. I was told that it’s “nice although you have to remove the skin from the chicken yourself”, which frankly left me wondering. Is this before or after it’s cooked? Anyone tried it and care to comment?

Over 60 to loose ownership of homes along Mojacar Playa

The Ley de Costas has come to Mojacar. The Direccion General de Costas has published a list of some 60 individuals and companies who own property along Mojacar Playa -from Rio Aguas to Cueva del Lobo and Rambla Alfaix- who will be affected by the expropiation of the coastline (100m from high tide, I remind you). Here’s the list of people who haven’t been officially informed of the process: BOE 10/03/09. Apart from this list Continue reading Over 60 to loose ownership of homes along Mojacar Playa

La Cabaña Argentina, Mojacar Playa

La Cabaña Argentina, Mojacar Playa La Cabaña is the original Argentine on Mojacar Playa. Late last year they were evicted from their original premises (opposite Tito’s) by a landlord who tried to triple their rent. Once they had gone, he reopened the premises keeping almost everything identical. This little scam didn’t work too well, as not only did all the regulars quickly catch on to what happened, but they managed to get new (larger and Continue reading La Cabaña Argentina, Mojacar Playa

Blue Lagoon Mojacar Playa

The Blue Lagoon – under newish management, I’m told – is a large, long, fairly typical bar, restaurant and quasi chiringuito on Mojacar Playa. Chef is, the adverts assure us, one Dean Hill. Just past the Hotel Indalo. Large blue awning. Now, I’ve never eaten there, or even tarried for long, but I did have my curiosity piqued by their now infamous “Credit Crunch Lunch”. Adverts in all good decent local press. From 10am – Continue reading Blue Lagoon Mojacar Playa

Mandala Complex, Mojacar Playa

Mandala is the old Pascha disco on Mojacar Playa, just before Playa El Cantal. It was brought last year by a company from Aguadulce that own a few discos, and they spent quite a bit of money doing it up. I usually don’t believe people when they say a million euros (it’s an easy figure to trot out), but in this case I can believe it. The interior is fantastic. We’d been there a few Continue reading Mandala Complex, Mojacar Playa

Asuntxu autopull cerveceria Mojacar Playa (self serve beer!)

Asuntxu is a fun little place on Mojacar Playa with tapas and a twist – you serve your own beer from the taps installed in the centre of the tables. It’s actually good fun, just choose a table, get it switched on and off you go, pulling your own beers. Drink as little or as much as you want to, and get charged by the centilitre. €5 for a litre, which isn’t much more than Continue reading Asuntxu autopull cerveceria Mojacar Playa (self serve beer!)