Concern as Sorbas quarries plan another 30 years

Locals in Sorbas and Bédar are concerned over the future of the Sorbas yeso quarries after it was revealed that the Junta may be preparing a “dirty tricks” plan to renew the concession for a further 30 years, despite them being in a special environmental zone. In short, the three yeso quarries in question ( Majadas Viejas I, II & Hornos Ibéricos (Los Feos)) are all sited within sensitive ecological zones. Karst en Yesos de Continue reading Concern as Sorbas quarries plan another 30 years

Aznalcóllar abandons the green dream and votes to allow industry

Aznalcóllar is a small town in Seville which used to have an enormous mine on its outskirts, until the dam holding back millions of cubic meters of poisonous waste broke in 1998 and polluted beyond recovery almost 5,000 ha of natural land either side of 63 km of river, including a vast swathe of Doñana natural park.