Almeria now has two Michelin starred restaurants

Michelin 2014 is out and Almería has added a second Michelin restaurant to the provinces gastronomical lineup. Alejandro (Roquetas de Mar, Almería) gets its first Michelin, and La Costa in El Ejido keeps the one it had last year. Well done both. Now, how about one this side of the mountains?

Michelin tyre track gets 1,6 million from Junta (to fire drivers)

Despite Andalucia being bankrupt, unable to pay its pharmaceutical bill, schools or even fix potholes, the Junta has found 1,66 million euros -I assume in cash- to keep the Michelin tyre track people happy. Hidden away behind the Cabo de Gata natural park in Nijar, Michelin has Europes largest tyre test track, where it test-destructs tyres to see how they respond. They’re also responsible for those empty lorries you see on the motorway with big Continue reading Michelin tyre track gets 1,6 million from Junta (to fire drivers)

Santi Santamaria continues to annoy

The renowned Catalan Chef Santi Santamaria (3 Michelin stars, runs the El Raco de Can Fabes) has become the poster boy of hate for Spanish chefs after attacking their work in his new book, La Cocina al desnudo (Cooking stripped bare). He stated (and stands by his comment) that  many chefs are so busy chasing accolades that they are serving up dishes that could actually be harmful to the consumer, chasing as they are that Continue reading Santi Santamaria continues to annoy