Meson Verfran

  Casting around for something to add to my new look blog, I was stuck until called up by a Spanish friend for a beer at midday. Time being pressing, we popped along for a few tapas at Meson Verfran in Los Gallardos, a place I find I haven’t reviewed since 2006, despite frequently popping in for a snack. I find it strange how these Spanish mesóns can carry along without a glitch for year Continue reading Meson Verfran

Bar Plaza, Vera

Posted: 29.10.07 Bar Plaza, Vera Tapas, for those of you who don´t know, are a time honoured Andalucian tradition, consisting of a small portion of food served with your drink. The idea´s been grabbed by fashionable Madrileños, who have refined it and exported it world wide, but I still don´t think it´s a proper tapa unless it fulfills it´s original function of keeping the flies out of your drink. And the idea of being charged Continue reading Bar Plaza, Vera