Cortijo Albari, Vera

It was 9,30pm on Friday night when plans changed and the in-laws decided to dine out. Early for a Spanish family. When asked where he wanted to go, the brother-in-law replied firmly “anywhere with good meat”. Given these instructions, I could hardly fail to recommend the Cortijo Albari in Vera. Given the time, I thought it prudent to call ahead and warn Carlos of our imminent arrival. “We’re full” was the abrupt reply to my Continue reading Cortijo Albari, Vera

Casa Santiago, Garrucha

Having been introduced to this place by Ric Polansky, who has an exhibition of bullfighting photos on the wall, I though it could be fun to pop there one evening with the parents and the gf. Quite the happy family. Casa Santiago has a large outside terrace, taking up most of the public pavement, where in fine Spanish style you can occupy the public road, lounging around with a g&t watching with interest as mothers Continue reading Casa Santiago, Garrucha

Bar Juventud, Los Gallardos

In my youth, Bar Juventud was the “other bar”. As people who lived on the “Crespo” side of the street, going into Juventud was akin to a Madrid supporter sneaking into a Barça pub. Only to be attempted wearing a large hat when noone was around. Which was a pity as it always had better tapas. Then we grew up and rarely visited Los Gallardos, as we lived out in the sticks and once we Continue reading Bar Juventud, Los Gallardos

La Estancia, Turre

La Estancia used to be a regular Argentinian restaurant in Turre. then it developed into a rather mediocre restaurant. Then it sank into a terrible Argentinian restaurant. Then it closed, just before last Christmas. While at the beginning it was good, by the time it closed its passing was not lamented. ANYWAY – after some Argentinian from Guadix nicked the rent from under me, it all went quiet. Until recently. It reopened under the direction Continue reading La Estancia, Turre